Competitive compliant engineering and manufacturing on time - aircraft operating again quickly.

Through our own heritage, and in close collaboration with Aerospace Mechanical Consulting Engineers (AMCE), we are delivering competitive outcomes for safe and reliable, innovative and responsive aviation product.

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Through the heritage of our engineering and manufacturing partner, Metal Tech Engineering Ltd we have tooling, fixtures, components, and sub-assemblies for many aviation clients.


HYDRO Engine Support KG ( http://www.hydro.aero) tooling, fixtures and balance mandrels for the Rolls Royce Trent 700, Trent 900, Trent 1000, and XWB Aircraft Jet Engines. These tools were used in the production halls at Rolls Royce (https://www.rolls-royce.com/) manufacturing sites in Derby UK and Seletar Singapore as well as into engine overhaul and repair facilities around the world with major projects into ADAT (http://www.adat.ae), ANA (https://www.ana.co.jp/en/au/) and SAESL (https://www.saesl.com.sg). The tooling was used in the strip and build of the engines. Approximately 6976 tooling fixtures were supplied at a total value of Euro 4.8million.

We were a key strategic supplier for several high profile, mission critical projects:

  • ADAT: supply of a 680-tool package ex our stores 12 weeks.

  • ANA: supply of a 716-tool package ex our stores 12 weeks.

  • TRENT 1000 production tooling project

  • XWB pre-production tooling project


Our highest profile project evolved from the  4th November 2019 Qantas Flight QF32 when it suffered an uncontained failure in one of its Trent 900 engines, Rolls Royce requested from it’s ‘traditional’ English and European supply chain the urgent build of 86 specialist fixtures and tools for the secure removal and analysis of the failed engine. Their supply chain quoted an unacceptable 5-week delivery. HYDRO Engine Support reached out to Metal Tech Engineering for support, we offered a 2 ½ week delivery ex our stores. Rolls Royce reluctantly directed HYDRO Engine Support to pass the contract to Metal Tech on the proviso that two Rolls Royce engineers were to be stationed in our facility in NZ in order to answer any technical questions and to report daily on progress.

We quickly activated a local supply chain within a 75Km radius of our site at Hamilton, NZ.  By completing Quality Control inspection at each stage of manufacture we completed, crated, and despatched the project by air freight in 15 days. The largest tool was 8m long x 2.3m wide by 1.6m high supplied fabricated, machined, two pot epoxy resin painted including stencils.

Twelve percent of the project required IANZ certification/calibration due to tolerances down to +.005mm -0. A total of 62 tools required special processes such as coating, plating, heat treatment, hydraulic testing, and load testing. The simplest tool was machined from a solid billet, the most complex had a bill of materials totalling 107 items.

Once the investigation was completed Rolls Royce once again reached out to the supply chain for a tooling repair package as they could not sustain production by utilising existing production tools for the repair programme. The ‘traditional’ supply chain quoted 14 weeks to supply, we quoted 5 weeks. Once again Rolls Royce and HYDRO engineers were sent to our factory in NZ to sign off and offer technical support.

We subsequently supplied a variety of tools for HYDRO:

  • CFM LEAP Engines

  • Ground support tools for BOEING 787 Aircraft through HYDRO Systems USA.


Metal Tech have supplied tooling directly to several Aero Engine Companies:


Supporting our work, Metrology Calibration Services Ltd is a preferred supplier to the CEC V2500 Engine Line in Christchurch NZ, and Air NZ Engineering Services. They re-calibrate SAE proving rotors manufactured by Metal Tech for Schenck RoTech for Air China, Lufthansa Air, Hawaiian Airlines, JAL and Air Rarotonga. Metrology Calibration’s primary standards are traceable to NIST (USA) and NPL (UK) and they are accredited to NZS/ISO/IEC 17025:2005.


Our team at Metal Tech Engineering has the proven capability to engineer heritage and obsolete Legacy Aircraft components. Taking a worn or broken component or sub-assembly we can measure, metallurgical test, attach geometric dimensioning and tolerancing to engineering drawings then machine replacement components to original OEM specifications signed off with approved certification. Recently completed projects:

  • Undercarriage leg assembly for a CESSNA 303 for Australian customer.

  • Four full aircraft sets of retractable undercarriage assemblies including actuator screws and motors, brakes, wheels and tyres and engineering drawing package for AEROMACCHI training aircraft Royal Thai Air Force.

  • NOMAD N22 undercarriage repair for Philippines Air Force. 

  • Aerowork Ravensdown, Super Air: supply of remanufactured components for the PAC Cresco and Fletcher FU-24 Aircraft.

The Metal Tech Engineering team have been supplying Aircraft components, sub-assemblies, ground support equipment and Engine Build/Strip tooling for over 56 years. We are proud of our service to this demanding industry.