Light weight, adaptive and accurate





Manufactured using the same capabilities we use to deliver trusted and high performance to our space and aviation clients. Product that cannot fail.

Lightweight, 3D printed titanium, machined to precision standards, toleranced to a level to enable full interchange of parts.

Designed and manufactured in Australian and New Zealand to enable local native integration of specialist weapon monitoring and targeting systems.

Ready local capability to integrate urgent operational requirements without any dependence on uncertain supply chains.

Suppressor and bipod supplied by Oceania Defence and Backlanz.

Action: Bolt-action

Feed system: Box magazine

Barrel length: 660mm (26”)

Calibre: 300 Norma Magnum, 338 Lapua or as specified

Weight (excl. suppressor): 4.950kg

Weight (incl. suppressor): 5.285kg

Genesis is a modular long range anti-personal precision rifle intended for military use.

  • Muzzle device: Oceania Defence quick attach suppressor and muzzle brake.

  • Available in left and right hand configurations. Delivered performance - Sub 0.25mRad 10 round group out to 1800m.

  • Calibre conversion: The barrel can be changed in under a minute using only a standard 4mm Hex Key. The bolt head can be swapped out without tools.

  • Top rail: Continuous STANAG 4694 rail for attaching a magnified optic in conjunction with a night vision device.​

  • Handrail features M-LOK slots as well as STANAG 4694 rails on the side and bottom for attaching additional accessories like a bipod and sighting devices.

  • Single stage adjustable trigger that can be removed and installed without tools. The rifle zero does not change in doing so. This allows for field level maintenance.

  • Safety: Direct acting safety blocks the firing pin directly and is easily accessible by the firing hand.

  • Magazine: Double stack detachable magazine holding 10 rounds. The magazine can be stripped without tools. This allows for field level maintenance.

  • Hand grip: Thumbs-up grip for better trigger control and quicker bolt manipulation.

  • Stock: The stock can be folded to the same side as the bolt. The cheek rest can be adjusted for height. The length of pull can be adjusted, as well as the butt plate height.

  •  Breakdown: The system can be broken down into its major components by the operator in under 1 minute using a standard 4mm Hex Key.

Available as a civilian compliant variant through approved firearms dealers.