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Quiet assured power in tough places all day every day

Exact Power Australia is the power systems arm of Exact Tech Australia.

We manufacture the most modern autonomous and remote control, renewable power systems available.  Our systems make installation simple and fast, saving time and money when the job can't wait.

Smooth power, reliably supplied, with silent operation during critical quiet times, and very efficient fuel usage.   Fleet ready to meet the needs of coordinated distributed demand.

Australian design, manufacture and assembly using materials and products sourced from Australian and trusted global suppliers. Cyber protected for reliability and resilience.

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Don't wait for the grid to be laid in or rely on grid power when the job is critical.  Avoid the costs of constructing and certifying off-grid power supply. Get construction under way without waiting for the grid to catch up.

The XactBox A / B series can get work going immediately and safely.   Save weeks of lost time.  Be confident in availability of power when the grid is not connected or when blackouts cannot be tolerated.

Strong enough for heavy industrial usage - trusted to deliver power when needed.  All-in-one box deliverable by trailer, fork or truck crane.  Ready to keep the job on track during the hottest of days. 

Integrate solar, wind, hydro or generator to meet site requirements while reducing or completely avoiding carbon fuel burn.  Support critical communications, data, health, refrigeration, and other essential "always on" services.

High reliability systems hosting remote monitored early failure and condition warning and reporting, enabled by secure digital integration, and supported by modular repairable embedded systems that minimise need for specialist field workforce.  Easy and efficient to monitor and manage while it delivers critical services.

Up to 20 SILENT hours operation daily (depending on average load) without solar - 24 hrs silent operation with minimal solar production. Designed to provide effective power at up to 50C environmental temperature.

XactBox-A48-118-40 is combination of 415 VAC three phase and multiple 240V single phase. Capacity for 48kW solar, 118kWh storage supplying 40.8kW continuous, 51kW for 30 minutes, and 72kW peak power (30sec) at 13.6/ 17kW per phase from battery. 

XactBox-B24-59-20 is combination of 415 VAC three phase and multiple 240V single phase. Capacity for 24kW solar, 59.2kWh storage supplying 20.4kW continuous, 25.5kW for 30 minutes, and 36kW peak power (30Sec) at 6.8/8.5kW per phase from battery. 

XactBox A /B can be supplemented with 40 - 80kW generator for a total of 60 kW. A total of over 100kW power all in one box.

Runtime for each system without solar is more than 24hrs and, with auxiliary fuel, up to 210hrs, all housed in self-bunded environmentally secure storage. Nominally, this equates to 56 days operation unrefuelled and without PV connected, depending on load profile.  

At between two and three tonne, the XactBox A / B series is deployable by trailer, fork, truck, crane or helicopter. Specified to fit 4 A / B series containers in one 20ft container can also be skid mounted.  Minimal site preparation and installation costs.

Can integrate your current generator and can be adapted to your specific requirements.

Total XactBox, Generator and Auxiliary Fuel tank footprint less than one 20ft container plus any solar deployment.


Sized for light industrial requirements but able to be ganged in groups of two or three for split or 3 phase. Ideal for individual site huts, low demand remote lights or communications.

Offers up to 20 silent hours operation daily without solar PV - 24 hrs silent operation with minimal PV production.  Series C offers a "tallboy" configuration while Series D offers a "lowboy" configuration.

Series C /D is a combination of 240VAC single phase with 12kWh storage (optionally 24kWh) supplying 6.8kW continuous and 12kW peak power from battery alone.  This can be supplemented with 6kW generator for a total of more than 10kW.  Inverter and generator can be ganged together to produce a total of around 20kW.

Deployable by any light vehicle means.