Demanding trusted products for reliability in harsh conditions

Space is an unforgiving environment that demands manufacturing done correctly

In aviation and space manufacturing experience and trust in delivery of products that cannot fail is critical.  Launch and space vehicle industries need to be able to trust the quality delivered while benefiting from flexibility and innovation in delivery of product.

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Our team has a 62-year history of providing high quality contract manufacturing and dimensional calibration services both in New Zealand and overseas. We have a depth of experience in supplying time critical AOG components and sub-assemblies, as well as servicing research and development projects and production into the Aerospace and Satellite industries. With the planned development of our Australian based manufacturing facility we are developing greater capacity but with the retained quality of our capability being central to our client commitment.  Work completed to date for the space industry includes rockets, launch vehicles and satellites.
We are a preferred supplier to an innovative launch business for production batch, research, and development, and AOG status services.
In addition to manufacturing directly from billet, we are partnered with RAM 3D to provide machining services including final inspection and reporting for Additive Manufactured components utilising Selective Laser Melting (SLM) technology.
We are teamed with Zenith Technica for precision machining services and final inspection and reporting of Electron Beam Melted (EBM) components primarily into the international satellite industry.


Our clients hold us responsible for designing and manufacturing the fixtures and jigs required to achieve secure and compliant supply to our Space partners where a zero reject and zero concession policy is strictly adhered to. In the case of the Additive Manufactured components, failure to succeed with this policy will result in an unacceptable 3 to 4-week delay on these time sensitive projects.

We specialise in reactive manufacturing offering fast turnaround times of AOG status components and sub-assemblies required urgently for build and revision change testing along with prototyping.

Our Quality Management Systems and Process Controls ensure quality backed with 62 years of providing Imagineering and Innovation to our diverse and demanding customer base.

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Recent and ongoing deliverables in the past four years include:

  • over 2000 components and sub-assemblies manufactured from hard metal (13/8,15/5 and 17/4 PH stainless steels) Inconel 718, Titanium, 316 stainless steel and various grades of Aluminium supplied in an anodised condition.

  • a variety of machined, fabricated and welded sub-assemblies for production engine build.

  • in partnership with Zenith Technica over several hundred components, Electron Beam Melted in Titanium and finish machined all of which are in orbit.

  • highly complex and close toleranced components such as tracking assemblies, ‘Mushroom and Tube’ assemblies, and a large variety of complex-to-fixture Nodes and Supports.

  • all the critical components that were Additive Manufactured in the heaviest orbiting satellite weighing in at 15,253Lbs.

  • currently have in machining, and prebooked, 4 satellite programmes with forward scheduling of 3 further satellite programmes.

Due to confidentiality and the sensitivity of this industry we are unable to offer any detailed information or specifics. We are more than happy to review and discuss your requirements and our capabilities as required.