Quality Systems

Exact Tech Australia Pty Ltd offers a wide range of capabilities for machining and fabricating.  We handle materials from the hardest metals to soft plastics.


  • 10 CNC machines including 5 axis simultaneous capability

  • Full Manual Machine Bay including cylindrical surface, thread grinding, gun drilling, EDM, Wire cut.

  • AMS 2759 Heat Treatment Facility for steel and alloyed materials

  • Inspection/Gauge room with 3 CMM's, optical projectors, surface roughness, roundness/ straightness, and standard equipment

  • Traceability and scheduling via ERP system

  • Proven specialist supply chain including coatings, plating, and additional machining capabilities

  • Project Management

  • Reverse Engineering

  • Process Design

  • CAD Design

Close up CNC milling/drilling machine wo


  • Injection Moulded Plastic

  • Ceramic Injected (CIM) and Metal Injection (MIM) moulding including Titanium

  • Electron Beam Melted (EBM) and Laser sintered powdered metal 3D printing

  • Machining of Titanium, Exotic and Hard Metals

  • Billet machined thin walled alloy structures

  • Hard steel tooling, fixtures, gauges and components

  • Maritime ship fittings

  • Aviation component repair and remanufacturing of Legacy Aircraft components and sub-assemblies.

  • Sporting and military weapons and weapon components

  • Large bore gun gauge for land artillery and naval guns

  • Small bore ammunition

  • Tooling and manufacturing Gauges

  • Integrated aluminium or titanium composite structures for lightweight durable service in space or aviation